Tour Fisticuffs Bluff / Nuzzle - July/August 1995

July 3rd Pomona, CA Cup of J w/ Patterns Make Sunrise

July 5th at Irvine, CA UCI w/ Clikitat Ikatowi, The VSS, Cambria. Our van breaks down in the parking lot and "O" comes over and says, "Nuzzle your way to freedom!" then leaves.

July 6th San Diego, CA (Cancelled)

July 7th Phoenix, AZ w/ Anjelica. Van breaks down again in Chambers, Arizona.

July 8th Alburqueque, NM cancelled-spent the night in Beautiful Chambers, AZ instead

July 9th Austin, TX Show Cancelled, rescheduled for daytime House Show!

July 10th Houston, TX Played in School gym APV Room with Carbomb (who cancelled!). FLYER!

July 11th Lake Charles, LA w/ Band #1 !!!!!!!

July 12th No Show, Chilled out in New Orleans, Paul steals a shot glass for Nate, Sammy drank test tube shots of something blue.

July 13th Atlanta GA, Show cancelled rescheduled for house show, (house was haunted) Dance contest on front porch.

July 14th Gainsville FL, With Patterns Make Sunrise, Moonraker. Crusties threw pizza at Andrew.

July 15th no show. Hung out in GA, Paul hightailed it with Patterns Make Sunrise to South Caralina to meet up with future wife.

July 16th Columbia SC, with In/Humanity - a great band that made us an amazing custom In/Humanity - Fisticuffs Bluff Tour work shirt. All but Paul stayed at a house with roaches in the freezer!

July 17th Richmond VA, w/ Second Story Window and Hell Mach 4

July 18th Washington DC at DC space / VFW Hall with band from florida with woman on vocals.

July 19th Day off, NYC Toms River NJ. (Or was that Westfield? I think we played with them in Philly, too, but maybe not)

July 20th Westfield NJ with Rye Coalition and Sparkmarker. Paul and Jon Hiltz go to estate sales the next morning. FLYER!

July 21st Day off, NYC Toms River NJ.

July 22nd Philadelphia PA with Second Story Window (never showed up), Canadian hardcore band and Shotmaker.

July 23rd Long Island, Huntington NY

July 24th Willimantic, CN

July 25th Cambridge MA, Harvard. Benifit for Food not bombs with Mike Flood and Hatchetface. FLYER!

July 26th Lancaster, PA with Braid and Kisses and Hugs reunion! (Kisses and Hugs last show ever!!!!)

July 27th Louisville KY w/ Braid in skate/record shop.

July 28th Ann Arbor MI at 910 Huron St.. last minute basement show with Blank and Braid. Bean jumped on guitar during Nuzzle's set. (neither Braid or us were on the flyer). FLYER!

July 29th Detroit MI w/ Second Story Window

July 30th ???

July 31st Bloomington, IN in basement show with a bad cali XXXsr8edgeXXX band.

August 1st Chicago Ill, house show

August 2nd Minneapolis MN house show

August 3rd Lincoln NE with Avail and a hardcore band from NJ with 2 singers

August 4th Denver CO with Crown Hate Ruin

August 5th HOME to record a record album.

----------Other show flyers----------

  • June 28th 1995, San Francisco at the Epicenter Zone with Patterns Make Sunrise, Red Stars Theory, and Second Story Window

  • April 10th 1995, Santa Cruz with Karp, Loomis Slovak, and Cambria.

  • March 22nd 1995, Cancelled show in San Francisco with Nuzzle, Crash and Britany, and Hundred Holiday.

  • March 16th 1995, Los Angeles, first show with new line up at the ever famous and now defunct JABBERJAW with Loomis Slovak, and Pegboy.