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    ESP-disk Films ESP-disk was a pioneering record label that issued avant-garde rock and jazz records. Assembled here for the first time are the three films ESP-disk commissioned to promote its artists, together with Michael Snow's film New York Eye and Ear Control (A Walking Woman Work), featuring a soundtrack by Albert Ayler that became the first ESP jazz release. Edward English, The Fugs, 1963, color, sound, 12 1/2 min. (The Fugs) Jud Yalkut, The Godz, 1966, color, sound, 12 min. (The Godz) Edward English, Spaceways, 1968, color, sound, 18 min. (Sun Ra) Michael Snow, New York Eye and Ear Control (A Walking Woman Work), 1964, b/w, sound, 34 min. (Albert Ayler)

    ESP 1001-1004  ESP 1004-1008  ESP 1008-1010  ESP 1011-1016  
    ESP 1016-1020  ESP 1021-1024  ESP 1024-1030  ESP 1030-1037  
    ESP 1037-1043  ESP 1044-1051  ESP 1051-1059  ESP 1060-1066  
    ESP 1067-1077  ESP 1078-1086  ESP 1087-1094  ESP 1095-2001  
    ESP 2001-2012  ESP 2013-2051  ESP 3000-3004  ESP 3005-3014  
    ESP 3015-3024  ESP 3025-3033  ESP Singles Billie-4561  ESP 4575-Durso  
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