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All releases are hand numbered, hand stamped or silkscreened or hand painted etc. All ltd. to 30 copies unless otherwise noted.

special lord 1 - murder murder "blood face" cdr 2 pressings of 30 each
special lord 2 - murder murder "saint francis murder lords" cdr 2 pressings of 30 each
special lord 4 - murder murder "spirit murder" cdr
special lord 6 - death sentence: panda! "puppy kitty or both" cdr OUT OF PRINT!
special lord 7 - murder murder "jazz wars!!!" cdr
special lord 9 - death sentence: panda! "tour" cdr OUT OF PRINT!
special lord 10 - death sentence: panda! "festival of ghosts" cdr limited to 50 silkscreened copies.


special lord 3 - murder murder "ghost battle" cdr
special lord 5 - murder murder "throne of guts" cdr
special lord 8 - sound painters "dolphin jazz" cdr
special lord 11 - murder murder uk "murdered to death" cdr
special lord 12 - murder murder dvd co-release with ouch my eyeball

soon after, total shutdown, murder murder and stuff. PLEASE EMAIL TO CONFIRM AVAILABILITY OF TITLES BEFORE ORDERING! all cdr releases are $10 post paid. add $2 for outside usa. please list alternate titles in case we are out of some or email to reserve titles. cashiers check or money order written to:

paul costuros
15 powers avenue
san francisco, ca 94110

email/paypal username: charlieshavers@yahoo.com


In China, anger over panda hunting has led to punishments as severe as execution. This outrage is echoed by S.F. noise-rock trio Death Sentence: Panda! Composed of Paul Costuros (Total Shutdown), Kim West (Crack: WAR), and Chris Dixon (Murder Murder), the band channel the sounds of animals gone wild. Immediately documenting their efforts after playing only a couple of live shows, DS:P! have put out Puppy Kitty or Both as one of the first official releases on Special Lord Records. The opening song, "A+ Cannibal," leads off with crisp, clear percussion and peppy vocals, which make room for a dirty, distorted saxophone* that obliterates the building tempo and baffles the listener's ear. Costuros's pitch-shifted, overdriven sax* rhythms guide "Oh Brother, Oh Brother" from its opening riff into an explosive mess and then back into a calm refrain. The album's abrupt changes from serene to chaotic are punctuated by flute melodies, which act as the perfect foil to the bass-heavy sax. West's vocals creep at a whisper, erupt into an angered chorus, and return to a deadpan tone. Equal parts commanding and cutesy, West recalls Poly Styrene and Karen O, as she taunts, "Show us your teeth!" between listing animals that hate humankind on the indictment "Animals Hate You." Surviving on a diet of vengeance and melody, Death Sentence: Panda! have come out of hiding, ready to take on all humans. - John Lombardo, San Francisco Guardian *it's actaully a clarinet