saturday 5/27 in golden gate park contact for info: charlieshavers@yahoo.com
June 15th at 111 minna, Donny Miller art opening


November 23rd, 2001 fri

  • Extreme Elvis,
  • Teen Cthulhu (Seattle),
  • Nigel Peppercock,
  • Iron Lung (Reno),
  • Smurf Murder (first show under different name and slightly different concept) Bob Linder (t,drum machine,v,fx,k) Paul Costuros,(k,v,as,fx), Mike Shoan (d), George Chen(d), Ceci Moss(v,k)

    at the Stork Club, Oakland

    January 14th 2002
    Kimos - SF

    The last show ever for the infamous

  • Murder Murder - Marshall Trammell Drums, Paul Costuros, Alto Sax, Vocals.
  • MASMELO! (members of Lo Fi Nissians!)
    Starts at 9pm, order is not yet set. $5.

    March 25th 2002
    Kimos - SF

  • Lo Fi Niesans
  • Zeek Sheck (featherweights)
  • Herr K
  • Murder Murder - Marshall Trammell (d), MAtt Hartman (bc,as,fx) Paul Costuros (v,as,k,fx)
  • Twelve Steppes

    April 4th Thursday 2002
    Stork Club - Oakland

  • Control R Workshop
  • Murder Murder - Oran Canfield (d), Matt Hartman (bc,as,fx) Paul Costuros (v,as,k,fx)
  • Super Unity Band (Portland)
  • Compomicro-Dexall

    $5, 9:30 Drink Special:
    $3 Scotch Coffee all nite long!

    April 8th Monday 2002
    Bottom of the Hill - San Francisco

  • CRACK:W.A.R.
  • Lo-Fi Neisans
  • Murder Murder - (Nate Denver (v), Oran Canfield (d), MAtt Hartman (as, bc, fx), Paul Costuros (v,as,k,fx), Marshall Trammell (d)

    9:00 pm (doors at 8:30) $5

    May 15th Wednesday 2002
    Hemlock - San Francisco

  • Murder Murder - Oran Canfield (d) Liz Allbee, (t) , Matt Hartman (as, bc) Paul Costuros (as)
  • Leavenworth (guitar/drum improv duo)

    May 17th Friday 2002
    Stanford Univ

  • Murder Murder - Marshall Trammell (d), Bob Linder (t) Paul Costuros (as)

    May 26th 2002 at Kimo's

  • NAM
  • Murder Murder - Marshall Trammell (d), Matt Hartman (as, bc) Paul Costuros (as)
  • Lesser

    9:00 pm $500.00 21+++

    June 29th 2002 at Gina and Eamon's Juke Joint (1947 Mission St @ 16th

  • Gold Chains
  • Numbers
  • Growing
  • Panama
  • Murder Murder - Liz Allbee(t, fx) Ches Smith (d) Oran Canfield (d), Paul Costuros (k, as, v, fx)

    8:00 pm $5.00 All Ages

    July 27th 2002 at Kimo's

  • Murder Murder (Matt Hartman (as, bc, v, fx) Ches Smith (d), Oran Canfield (d) Paul Costuros (as, tb, k, v, fx)
  • Neon Hunk
  • Hair Police
  • Mammel
  • Hans Grusel

    10:00 pm $5.00

    August 1st 2002 Thursday at The Hemlock Tavern

  • Murder Murder (Sound Painters played instead) Oran Canfield (d), Marshall Trammell (d), Matt Hartman (as), Paul Costuros (as, k, v), Chris Touchton (action Painter), Steve Touchton (action painter), Mike Green (poetry), Kim West and Mark Gergis (interprative dancers)
  • Natural Dreamers

    This will be Oran's last performance with Murder Murder before he moves to NYC. We have something very special planned that shouldn't be missed!

    9:30 pm

    Aug 29th 2002 - Edinburge Castle

  • Hans Grusel
  • Murder Murder - RPM (v), Liz Allbee (t, fx, v), Pete Nguyen (d), Marshall Trammell (d), Paul Costuros (as, v, fx), Matt Hartman (as, bc, v)
  • Tarantism

    Sunday Oct. 13th 2002 2PM FREE

  • LOACHFILLET (of the Mummers)
  • MURDER MURDER (acoustic) MAtt Hartman (bc, as), Liz Allbee (t), Paul Costuros (as, tb, toy piano, v), Marshall Trammell (d), Ches Smith (d)
  • NAM
  • KROB

    at: TOXIC TIRE BEACH where 24th st. dead ends into the bay.
    bring food, beer, drugs, ear plugs and soda pop. and blankets, and your journal or diary. and bring some chips. also, bring dogs and kids and kites.

    December 4th 2002 at The Hemlock Tavern

  • Murder Murder - Liz Allbee, (t, fx), Bob Linder (t, fx, k), Paul Costuros (as, k, v, fx) Marshall Trammell (d, pt), Noel Von Harmonson (d), Matt Hartman, (ax, bc).
  • Burmese

    January 1th 2003 at Heco's Palace

  • CRACK W.A.R.
  • Murder Murder - Liz Allbee, (t, fx), Matt Hartman (bc, as, fx), Paul Costuros (as, k, v, fx) Ches Smith (d), Chris Dixon (d), RPM (k, drums)
  • BRAN (...) POS
  • Dan Friel from NYC (solo electronics)

    February 5th 2003 Bottom of the Hill

  • Flying Luttenbachers
  • Erase Errata
  • Murder Murder - Liz, (t, fx), Matt Hartman (bc, as, fx), Paul Costuros (as, k, v, fx) Marshall Trammell (d), Chris Dixon (d)
  • Dynasty

    April 4th 2003 at the Hemlock Tavern

  • Marco Eniedi Trio
  • Murder Murder - Liz Allbee (t, fx), Paul Costuros (as, v, fx) Greg Saunier (d), Chris Dixon (d)

  • June 1st 2003 at del sol Park

  • Crack W.A.R.
  • Rubber O Cement
  • Murder Murder - liz, (t, fx), Paul Costuros (as, tb, v, fx) Weasel Walter (d), Chris Dixon (d), Eric Bauer (k)
  • Bran Pos
  • Tarantism
  • Filthmilk
  • Omnivorous Scencillum

    Sept. 10rd 2003 Hemlock Tavern

  • Growing
  • Murder Murder - Liz Allbee, (t, fx, v) , Paul Costuros (c, k, v, fx) Ches Smith (d), Chris Dixon (d) Noel Von Harmonson (echoplex) November 29rd 2003 Edinburgh Castle

    Benefit for Matt Gonzalez
  • Murder Murder - Matt Hartman (as, v, fx, bc), Daron Key (violin), Paul Costuros (c, v, fx, k, tb), Randy Lee Sutherland (d), Ches Smith (d), Noel von Harmonson (echoplex), Liz Allbee (t, fx, v)
  • Goofice
  • Sixes
  • Eats Tapes

    JAnuary 23rd and 24th 2004 New Langton Arts

    Crawling Out From Under Rock
  • Paul Costuros (Murder Murder - Friday - Ches Smith (d), Chris Dixon (d), Jenny Hoyston (t), Paul Costuros (tb, v, cl). Saturday - Marshall Trammell (d), Chris Dixon (d), Matt Volla (t) PC (same)
  • Heco Davis
  • Eric Landmark
  • Greg Saunier
  • Moe! Staiano
  • Jesse Quattro

    Feb. 13th at the Luggage Store

  • Murder Murder PAc Man- Paul Costuros (clarinet/fx/t=bone/v/keyboards), Marshall Trammell (drums), Chris Dixon (drums), Liz Allbee (trumpet/fx/v).
  • Diana Nucera

    February 19rd at the Hemlock Tavern (Club Chuckles)

    Special Sound Painters Performance
  • Sound Painters - Paul Costuros (clarinet/fx/t=bone/keyboard), Abbey Kerins (trumpet), Weasel Walter (drums), Mike Shoan (drums), Will York (action painter), Chris Dixon (poetry), Kim West and Mark Gergis (interpretive dancers).
  • Jay Boronski
  • Jarret the joke Mitchell
  • Dug
  • Mark Schaffer

    Feb 25th 2004 at the 21 Grand

  • Murder Murder Pac Man - Paul Costuros (clarinet/fx/t=bone/v/keyboard), Matt Hartman (drums), Chris Dixon (drums), Abbey Kerins (flute).
  • Clarknova Portable

    May 15th 2004 at the Hemlock Tavern

  • Murder Murder - Paul Costuros (clarinet/fx/t=bone/v), Weasel Walter (drums), Chris Dixon (drums), Noel Von Harmonson (echoplex), Sharon Cheslow (electronicx/fx), Liz Allbee (trumpet/fx/v).
  • Open City
  • Burning Star Core

    May 27rd 2004 at the Elbo Room

  • The Flying Luttenbachers
  • Murder Murder Mochipet - Mochipet (Laptop/fx) Paul Costuros (clarinet/fx/t=bone/keyboard), Chris Dixon (drums), Liz Allbee (trumpet), and tba.
  • Chris Corsano & Paul Flaherty Duo
  • Fuck Wolf Feb 13rd, 2004 fri

  • Murder Murder - Marshall Trammell (d), Chris Dixon (d), Liz Allbee (t), Paul Costuros (tb, cl), Pac-Man (?) We will be performing the 'pac-man' piece for this event.
  • Manuel Sanchez - Paint, Diana Nucera - Cello

    The Luggage Store Gallery Presents: (1007 Market St. at 6th)


    A night of Sound Performance, Video and Art.

    Program notes:

    Murder Murder, a rotating cast of musicians put together by Paul Costuros, will be performing a piece called Pac-Man. Tonight it involves Costuros on Clarinet and Trombone, Liz Allbee on Trumpet, Marshall Trammell on Drums, Chris Dixon on drums and a fifth person playing the arcade game Pac-Man which will be projected on the wall for all to see. Once the game starts, all the musicians improvise at once. Each musician has a different 'Power Pellet' assigned to them. When there Pellet is eaten by Pac-Man, then they take a solo for the duration that the 'Ghosts' are eatable. Then when the Ghosts turn back, everyone will join in again. If the Pac-Man is eaten by a Ghost, then all the players will stop untill the game starts again. This piece explores the need to get rid of 'President' Bush.

    We will also be doing this performance at the 21Grand on 2/25 see below...

    Feb 19rd, 2004 fri

  • Comedians: Dug, Jay Boronski, and Jarret Mitchell
  • Murder Murder had to cancel but in their place will be their friends The Sound Painters.

    Club Chuckles at the Hemlock Tavern

    Feb 25rd, 2004 fri

  • Murder Murder - Matt Hartman (d), tba (d) Matt Volla (t), Paul Costuros (tb, cl), Pac-Man (?) We will be performing the 'pac-man' piece for this event.
  • Clarknova Portable that is improvised electronics/acoustics.

    21 Grand is a 501(c)3 non-profit multi-disciplinary arts space 449B 23rd St. (between Broadway and Telegraph) Oakland, CA 94612 21grand@21grand.org (510) 444-7263


    10/28 @ Terminal 3957 San Leandro | Oakland Brutallo Horror Camp w/ DJ Count Loach Skullcaster 9.30 Pod Blotz 10.00 Tarantism 10.30 Space Hawk 11.00 The Bran (...) Pos 11.30 Murder Murder12.00 16 Bitch Pile Up 12.30 Brutallo Horror Camp (throughout) DJ Count Loachfillet (throughout)

    Saturday, August 20th @ 7pm DimSum Presents "Back to School"
  • Murder Murder Mochipet (linder, noel, dixon, oran, paul, mochipet)
  • Rubber O' Cement
  • Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet
  • Treehugger
  • Snowsuit*
  • Technische Recherche
  • Tralphaz
  • Sharkiface
  • Triangle
  • Rhinoceri Transient

    @ DrumMachineMuseum (San Francisco)

    Cereal Factory
  • Murder Murder (weasel walter dr, nandor nevai dr, noel von harmonson - electronics/tenor sax, randy lee sutherland - alto sax, paul costuros alto sax, bell, vocals)
  • Da Da Swing

    End Times Festival (kim, wiese, dixon, noel, paul)


    Friday, February 17 2006 at the Lab
  • Wigband
  • Kielbasia
  • Diamond Daggers
  • Nomi Talisman
  • Queer Ballroom
  • Sonny Smith
  • Double Dutchess
  • Murder Murder (jake rodriguez (electronics), marcy (cello), paul (as,v), matt hartman (as), chris dixon(drums)
  • Brent Weinbach
  • Torsten Kretchzmar 22 acts in 2 days! The LAB's 22nd birthday benefit bash

    wednesday march 15 2006 at the hemlock tavern, san francisco

  • ettrick w/ weasel walter
  • murder murder (liz allbee, paul costuros, chris dixon, elvis, cactus)
  • ghost to falco

    Saturday May 27th 2006
  • Murder Murder
  • Weasel Walter Trio
  • Sword and Sandals (john dwyer-drums, Randy Lee Sutherland (alto sax) Golden Gate Park Thursday June 15th 2006
  • Murder Murder
  • Donny Miller Book Signing 111 Minna Gallery

    June 23rd Friday 2006

    Matt Hartman- Alto sax, Paul Costuros - alto sax, v,fx, Spencer Yeh - Violin, Marcy Suade - Cello, Chris Dixon- drums, Noel Von Harmonson-drums. END TIMES FESTIVAL in St. Paul MN.


    as=alto sax
    bc=bass clarinet
    pt=pocket trumpet
    ts=tenor sax